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Through this form you can request a quote for the rental indicating which services and any accessories required. Our dense network of partners allows us to deliver bicycles and accessories throughout Sicily and to provide tourist services such as complete travel packages, excursions, mechanical assistance, accommodation reservations, restaurants and any service connected with cycling holidays in Sicily!

Our bikes to rent

Our Bikes to rent

Sicily is the frontier of cycle tourism in Europe. Mountain bikes, racing bikes or travel bikes are indispensable toys for having fun in the biggest playground for cyclists from all over Europe. We have selected our rental bikes after years of experience in the field and after having explored also the most hidden corners of the island in search of the most fascinating cycling routes.

Specialized Awol Elite
AWOL – the name is a guarantee: Adventure without Limits – this Specialized promises boundless adventures and is just what you can expect from this cycle touring bike. Fast on the asphalt, agile on dirt, reliable in the wet, fun on the slopes, in short, the ideal way to explore Sicily.
Specialized Sequoia 2018
As agile as a road bike, as fun as a mountain bike, as robust as a touring bike – the Sequoia is not the usual bike hire but a reliable and reliable adventure bike that’s right for you if you want to explore Sicily on asphalt or dirt. With a geometry of a handyman and a chrome-molybdenum steel frame is the ideal companion for your bike trip in Sicily.
Specialized Rockhopper Pro 29
The Rockhopper is a lightweight, agile and sturdy mountain bike with a high-performance XC geometry to tackle the trail with efficiency on the plains, uphill and downhill with maximum fun. Ideal for bikepacking or a weekend exit and ideal bike to face a journey along one of Sicily’s Vie Francigene thanks to the possibility to mount the rear rack.
Bianchi Spillo Rubino
The Bianchi Spillo is the perfect bike to explore the city and its surroundings. Lightweight, comfortable and reliable, it does not fear the pot-holes and is therefore the ideal bicycle to cycle in and out of the Sicilian cities.
Trek Superfly 7
Born for the Crosscountry and speed, the Trek is a light and agile mountain bike that makes you enjoy climbing and descending. The ideal bike to explore the island trails for hours and hours
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