Thank you for Donation

Our association has its base in Palermo but operates throughout Sicily to encourage cycling throughout the island. Very often the cyclists who come to cycle in Sicily do not know where to go because they do not have enough information. Part of our work is just this: try to spread as much as possible the information useful for cycling in Sicily. We also take care of incentivising the municipal authorities with the principle that more cycle tourism also means more economic activity on the territory. These activities have costs related to travel, the type of material that we purchase, the advice and technical material that we need for inspections. We try to carry out our internal resources such as voluntary work, by self-financing and thanks to the contribution of some companies that help us. However, sometimes funds are insufficient and donations like this are useful for carrying out our work.

Your contribution will be used to finance these activities. So we wanted to tell you:

Thank you for your support! Your help is greatly appreciated.