bike hotels in Sicily


choose the right bike hotel to make your holiday truly unforgettable

a Bike Hotel For your cycling holidays in Sicily

Our bike hotels are selected based on some characteristics that make them the ideal place to rest after a day riding your bike. They are not accommodations that “tolerate” cyclists but structures that have chosen cyclists as special guests who deserve some extra attention.


A bike hotel selected by Ciclabili Siciliane is a place to rest and relax after a day riding a bike. All bike hotels offer a safe bicycle shelter. In most cases the bike hotel also offers other useful services to the cyclist that are indicated in the detailed description of the structure on our site or on the card of the structure available on

three good reasons for choosing a bike hotel

1. The sense of Hospitality
for the Sicilians, hospitality is not just courtesy but authentic cordiality
2. Infinite relaxation
find someone who cares for you
3. The perfect location
the perfect location from which to start exploring the territory

On this map you can search all the bike hotels in our catalog and choose the one you prefer. By viewing the card, you can book the hotel through the system

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