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Learn the secrets of Sicily from a local, rent a bike and cycle on your own on a self-guided tour

The scent of flowers in the spring, the squeaks of the boys playing soccer in the church oratory, the neighbor who cook the pasta and spreads the smell of food across the alley, an elder resting in the shade of a tree. This is Sicily! This is the holiday you can spend on the roads of the largest island in the Mediterranean. The best way to explore Sicily is by bike, in fact, only in this way you will be able to taste the small and ancient villages where the spices are pinching your nose, the quiet cities of the southern coast and the great cultural metropolises such as Palermo or Catania. There are not many cycle paths in Sicily because there is no need: anyone wakes up in the morning calmly, knowing that the sun will warm the air, the sea will always smell like the sea and the smiles of friends and relatives will make the day special, in Sicily nobody is in a hurry! Your cycling holiday will be safe, relaxing and fun.

our bikes to rent

our bikes to rent

Sicily has some peculiar characteristics that make every trip by bike adventurous. For this reason it is necessary to choose the right bicycles for each situation. We have selected our rental bikes after years of experience and thousands of kilometers around the main and secondary roads of Sicily.

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bike rental delivery points

bike rental delivery points

Bike Hire in Palermo

Palermo has a thousand-year history that is really difficult to summarize: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, Aragonese, Spaniards, Austrians, Bourbons and Savoy. Every people who conquered or crossed Sicily left a trace in Palermo. In a church, an alley, a tradition, a typical dish or street food, each has contributed to enrich the immense cultural heritage that can now be explored thanks to our rental bike in Palermo where you can hire the best bicycles in Sicily.

bike hire in Siracusa

Founded in the VIII century a.c. from a group of Corinthians, Siracusa is nestled on one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean. The city has a dual personality: on the one hand the new city that hardly contains its exuberant economic growth, on the other the ancient city that fascinates tourists with its alleys full of history and culture. You can cycle in Siracusa for hours without realizing the time passing by, swinging between the yellow of the tufa of the ancient monuments and the white barblocking of the marble of the bases in the squares. Siracusa by bike, however, is not only culture and traditions but also a fascinating interland that already gives important insights from the first kilometers. In fact, you can rent a bike in the city in Siracusa and move through the famous bike path made on the old abandoned railway track and exploring the coast between bays from the crystalline sea and old "tonnare" in disuse where it still seems to hear the song of "tonnaroti". The delivery of rental bikes in Siracusa can take place anywhere in the city and for any type of bicycle. Some of the bike tours available in Syracuse are both on the road and on mountain bikes.

bike hire in trapani

Cycling through the streets of Trapani and climbing the Erice promontory, perhaps using a racing bike, is an exciting and fascinating experience. The Ligny tower, the walk on the Walls of Tramontana, rest the bike on an ancient wall of Tufo and enjoy the famous "rianata" (pizza made with oregano and anchovies), enjoy the fresh sea breeze and the warm yellow lights of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the cycle path along the ancient salt flats. Trapani by bike is now an appointment not to be missed and it is even easier thanks to the "delivery" service anywhere in the city provided by our rent a bike in Trapani

bike hire in Catania

Catania, for better or for worse, has always reacted vigorously to the difficult and destructive relationship with the Etna volcano and with the earthquakes that over the millennia have troubled the plain on which it has developed. The following populations have extracted, shaped and enhanced the hard black stone of the volcano and have created some of the most beautiful Sicilian monuments. Exploring the lanes of Catania by bicycle means getting lost in the elegant palaces and traditional markets like the "Fera Luna" where you can buy all the delights that only such a fertile land can give. Our cycle hire service in Catania allows you to choose between mountain biking, gravel bike, touring bike, pedal assisted bike with delivery anywhere in the city and its surroundings.

bike hire in Agrigento

Summarizing the history of Agrigento in a few lines would be reductive. From the first visual impact, arriving by bicycle on the Sibit Medinbike Cycleway, we realize that Agrigento is a lively, multiform city, in constant change, full of contrasts and incomprehensible quirks. Climbing the promontory on which the city is located, can be challenging but unforgettable, in fact cycling on the Provincial Road a few steps from the temples is a unique emotion. Sweat, get tired, challenge the climb and meanwhile think that these temples have seen splendor, misery, peace, wars, bad weather and earthquakes and yet they are still standing and solid to witness a past of power and glory. Agrigento by bike is also this: the possibility of cycling today two thousand years of history. To explore Agrigento and its surroundings it is recommended to hire a gravel bike such as the Specialized Sequoia, the Specialized Awol or the Mountain Bike Specialized Rockhopper Pro 29. Near Agrigento you can take the Cycle Path Sibit Medinbike, the only Sicilian cycle signs. We can deliver rental bikes to Agrigento and the province with our bike sharing and bike shuttle service.

bike hire in Noto

Known as the "city that lived twice". The first Noto, the ancient one, characterized by imposing walls overlooking the valleys and crevasses, was destroyed by the earthquake of 1693 and abandoned by its inhabitants to its destiny of fascinating area of ruins that tell a tragic and excruciating end. The second Noto, the one rebuilt in 1703 about 12 km from the first, is elegant, slender, baroque to the limit of the imaginable. Its palaces and avenues are a blaze of limestone, beautiful and fragile, which reflects the sunlight giving the city an unforgettable brightness. The rays of the sun, and the moon, play hide and seek on limestone blocks and offer unforgettable light games, as unforgettable is the thrill of enjoying a granita in the shade of one of the most beautiful and visited churches in the world, the Duomo. Cycling in Noto is simple and exciting, the historic center is protected by a pedestrian area that makes cycling exploration safe, the city is quiet and welcoming and its inhabitants are very accustomed and hospitable with cyclists. Its urban plan is very regular because redesigned "on the table" during the reconstruction so it is basically impossible to get lost. There is no recommended type of bike because the real subject of this visit is the city itself. However, by renting a gravel bike like the Specialized Sequoia or Awol, or a mountain bike like the Specialized Rockhopper 29 pro, you can make a "stretch" of about 12 km up to the striking remains of ancient Noto. One of the most impressive testimonies left by the earthquake of 1693. Our bike hire point in Noto allows you to get the rental bikes directly at the ruins of Noto Antica with our bike shuttle service. This will allow you to explore the ruins by bike and then enjoy the descent to the town of Noto. This is a cycling route well known and appreciated by both road cyclists and mountain bikers.

bike hire in Taormina

Founded in the Archaic period, in 358 a.c. the place where the city stands today, hosted the exiles of Naxos, destroyed by the militias of Dionysius of Syracuse. Taormina is gently nestled on Mount Tauro (hence the name Tauromenion) and overlooks the sea. It is not a simple cycling or cycling destination and the itineraries that run through it are often demanding because of the harshness of its climbs. However, Taormina is a must in Sicily, because of its beauty and its breathtaking views. Although with a tenacious and challenging ride, you can explore Taormina by bike, especially with an assisted pedaling bike, and enjoy its magical alleys and the incomparable views of the sea and the Peloritani mountains that only a city in its position can give. For centuries Taormina has been a destination for epic journeys such as the eighteenth-century Grand Tour or trips to the splendor and joy typical of the Belle Epoque. Today, these epic journeys can also be made by bike and can give you a highly respected cycling tour. To pedal in Taormina we recommend a pedal assisted bike or an excellent gravel like the Specialized Sequoia, but even a mountain bike with superior performance like the Specialized Rockhopper can be an ideal solution. We are able to deliver any type of rental bike to Taormina with our bike hire, Bike Delivery and Bike Shuttle services. Some of our tours through Taormina are available for both mountain bikes and road bikes.

bike hire in Ragusa

After the disastrous earthquake of 1693 a part of the citizenship decided to stay in the old city and rebuild it while the rest decided to build a new city. This has given rise to two large neighborhoods that make Ragusa Ibla and Ragusa Superiore two sides of the same coin, the fascinating example of how it is possible to throw a disaster behind as a devastating earthquake and build a city that today is under the protection of the 'UNESCO. Cycling in Ragusa is a fun and fascinating experience and allows you to relive the atomospheres seen so many times in the episodes of the television series of Commissioner Montalbano. Thanks to our bike hire service in Ragusa, you will be able to enjoy the city center and its surroundings by bike.

bike hire in Cefalù

Cefalù is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and certainly one of the most fascinating in Sicily. The small village at the foot of Mount Kefala is one of the most visited destinations on the north coast and is a key point for all cyclists who decide to cycle through Sicily using state roads such as the SS113 that runs through the town. Developed around the Cathedral, wanted by Roger II, the town has preserved over the centuries its medieval appearance, with its narrow streets of the old town and the gulf-facing overlooking the Gulf especially at sunset. The many palaces and churches show all the importance of a bishop city. Riding through its alleys means immersing yourself in the aromas of fish dishes and the famous sweets typical of the Arab and Norman tradition. For these reasons Cefalù is undoubtedly one of the Sicilian cycling destinations not to be missed. Cefalù is one of our bike hire point where we can deliver any kind of bike.

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