Umbria Cycling

Umbria is the green heart of Italy. A perfect destination for a racing bike holiday, a mountain bike adventure or a gravel bike trip. Riding on calm roads, well maintained and immersed in extraordinary landscapes, it is possible, in a few days to explore by bike one of the corners of paradise still existing in Italy, a real playground for cyclists and cyclists.

best bicycle rental in Umbria!

When renting a bicycle you are always afraid that the gearbox is not properly adjusted, that the tires are not puncture resistant, that the rims are crooked, the paint is ruined or the seat is uncomfortable. We are cycling tourists and we have tested our bikes on 3 continents trying to select the best bikes for every type of adventure. For our rental in Umbria we have chosen only top quality brands and models such as Specialzied, Trek and Bianchi.

Bike Tours in Umbria!

Our tour operator is specialized in cycling and walking so we can support you in all your adventures, whether you decide to travel independently with a self-guided tour by bike, with a guided tour, or with an adventure pack for a holiday in bike in total autonomy with the guarantees of a tour operator.

Find a bike hotel in Umbria!

Whether you decide to rent one of our bikes or not, book a tour independently or not, however you will need a comfortable accommodation for you and safe for your bike. A bike-friendly structure in Umbria is a structure that has decided to have an eye for cyclists and offer them both basic accommodation facilities and those a little more specific for cyclists such as the ability to wash and hang clothes with which you is cycled, a safe space for the night for the bike, a hearty breakfast and more.

About Us

Ciclabili Siciliane no-profit organization was founded in 2017 in Sicily by Giovanni and Danuta with the aim of promoting cycling as a form of contrast with the impoverishment of inland areas and the consequent depopulation of them. In less than two and a half years of intense activity, the non-profit association (Sicilian Bike Association) and the tour operator (Inspiring Tours) that are part of it, have revolutionized the cycling tourism market in Sicily but there is still much to to change.

Associazione Ciclabili Sicliane is a non-profit organization that mainly deals with the promotion of cycling tourism and related activities. According to the statute of the association, cycling is a powerful tool for solving problems of depletion and depopulation of the internal areas of the regions.

Inspiring Tours is a tour operator regularly registered with the Tourism Department of the Sicily Region. Inspiring Tour specializes in cycling and walking. According to its founders, Giovanni and Danuta, tourism is not only a form of entertainment and personal growth but also a powerful means for the economic, social and cultural promotion of a territory, especially in inland areas.



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