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The world is a huge playground to explore by bike. You can start without having a certain destination and pedal to where your feeling will bring you. Or you can plan your trip before leaving. With the itineraries published on this page we want to give you some suggestions on the most interesting cycling tours or cycling holidays in Sicily, Italy and in the rest of the world.

It is said that the holiday begins when you pick up the atlas to choose your destination. The search for the cycle tour to be covered is the first step for the perfect biking holidays in Sicily, Italy or in the rest ofthe world. In the past it was very difficult to acquire all the information necessary to plan your trip by bike.


Today you can use the Internet to avoid making mistakes that could turn the holiday into a bad memory. Our cycle atlas contains the georeferenced maps of the world’s most famous cycling routes or those that we have been able to personally test.


Each cycling itinerary page contains a tourist part, indispensable for the planning of the holiday by bike and a technical part that can be useful to choose the right itinerary according to your technical skills or physical preparation.


The itineraries are divided into itineraries on asphalt (suitable for any bike) and mixed itineraries suitable for mountain bikes and gravel bikes.

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    La Strada Provinciale SP20 da Pioppo a Gibellina è un itinerario ciclabile molto interessante per un tour in bici a Palermo e dint…


    Explore Sicily off the beaten path on our adventurous bike tour in Sicily's fascinating west.…


    The most famous and fascinating path of Sicily to go mountain biking with our support, both individually and in groups.…


    A three days ride among the beautiful Madonie Mountains in northern Sicily. Lovely stone villages, breathtaking views and deliciou…


    cycling Routes Specs and facts


    Best Bike


    Fitness Level


    Elevation gain

    Historic Interest


    These are the characteristics of the cycling itineraries selected by Ciclabili Siciliane to help you planning your cycling tour in Sicily, Italy or in the rest of the world. This specs are useful to determine if an itinerary is suitable for a cycling holiday or just for a shorter bike tour.


    The important thing is to choose the most suitable itinerary based on your technical skills and physical fitness.

    Rent a bike in sicily

    If you are planning your biking holidays in Sicily, these are the best bikes to rent. We think that the best way to explore Sicily during your cycling vacation is by renting the right bike. You can rent a mountain bike to climb the mountains on dirt roads or old trails in search of adventure, or a travel bike and ride relaxing on the coast between the scent of the sea and the calm murmur of the waves. The important thing is to have a bike up to the level and perfectly maintained as only a quality bike rental can give you because without worries it’s more fun to ride.

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    bike hotels

    our best bike hotels in Sicily and in the world. Accommodation facilities where your bike is always safe

    Bike Hire

    Specialized, Trek, Giant, Hibike, Biachi. The best bike rental in Sicily

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    our cycling tours in Italy - Sicily for your unforgettable biking holidays in Europe

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