Via Palermo - Messina per le Montagne cycling route

The Via Francigena Palermo-Messina from Palermo to Messina is a route on mixed terrain with asphalt and cross country off-road sections which are fascinating and fun to ride with some challenging climbs to the most beautiful peaks of Sicily and its lovely stone villages.

180 miles on a mountain bike on dirt tracks and secondary roads

A pilgrimage by bike, a 390 km biking tour through woods, mountains and villages awaits you as a bicigrino on this journey across northern Sicily’s historical and natural highlights.

The Via Francigena from Palermo to Messina cycling route runs through the entire northern Sicily through the chain of the Sicilian Apennines: the Madonie, the Nebrodi and the Peloritani. It unites the “capital of the Norman kingdom” Palermo with Messina, crossing some of the most important villages in Sicily, where even today it is possible to find many traces of the passage of the Norman population, which has left an indelible mark on Sicilian architecture and traditions. The recovery project for this route was promoted and implemented by the Associazione Amici dei Cammini Francigeni di Sicilia through historical and documentary research followed by intense activity on the territory to map the itinerary.

the perfect trail for your mountain bike!

The Via Francigena from Palermo to Messina was designed to be traveled independently. Tracks Gps, accommodation, everything has been arranged so that everyone can travel it with their own bike and by booking the accommodations that accept the bikes. If you don't have a bike or prefer to rent a bike, you can choose from our catalog. The most suitable bike for this journey is the mountain bike!

The Via Francigena from Palermo to Messina is a challenging itinerary, it develops above all on “trazzere” (dirt roads) with practically no traffic and secondary roads with very limited traffic but also some stretch on state roads with a light traffic more sustained. In general, however, there is always a strong perception of safety also because Sicilian motorists are usually very attentive to cyclists, especially in rural areas such as those crossed by the path.

The accommodations along the way are of various types, from pilgrims’ hostels to hotels, passing through B&Bs and holiday homes that offer excellent value for money. You will always find the warm and sincere welcome of the Sicilian hosts. Nothing better after a day on the saddle! To take advantage of the special rates reserved for the two-way streets, it is necessary to present the “Credenziale del Pellegrino” that you can request by email to the no-profit Associazione Amici dei Cammini Francigeni di Sicilia or Ciclabili Sicliane in Via Divisi 26.