Umbria Bike Tours

the adventures by bike in Umbria to remember forever

Umbria is the guardian of charming villages and woods in a territory preserved with care and love by a welcoming and frank people

dusty and silent white roads, secondary roads that climb the mountains. A real playground for adventure cyclists

Umbria has a thousand roads to explore: our tour operator can give you all the support you need, you put your legs and your heart!

Francesco's Way Cycling Route

an exciting bike trip in Umbria, in the heart of Italy among ancient villages and ancient woods, in the footsteps of St. Francis

Umbria Grand Cycling Tour

460 kilometers, 16 most beautiful villages in Italy, 2 lakes, 1 million photos. A 7-day adventure to tell for life.

A cycling Holiday in Umbria is unforgettable!

The choice of the bike destination to explore for the next vacation is always complex. The factors that influence it are many: how crowded, the average prices of services, how far it is, the safety of the roads, the quality of the restaurant. All these elements make you choose a cycling destination rather than another. Umbria is one of the most suitable regions for cycling in Italy due to its intrinsic characteristics. In fact a bike trip in umbria is very convenient because it passes through an area that is still well preserved today, it is not particularly crowded, the roads are safe and above all the quality of tourism and restaurant services is usually above average. From the point of view of the orography, in fact, the territory is rather mountainous and therefore the cycling routes can be on average challenging. However the beauty of the landscape quickly makes us forget the fatigue of a few more ascents.

Our bikes to rent in Umbria!

The bicycles we use for our tours are of different types, depending on the needs of the group. The gravel bikes can have the aluminum frame and the carbon fork or the full steel frame. These two souks have totally different performances, the first ones are very light, resistant and very reactive, therefore suitable for more adventurous and faster bike tours or for cycling routes with higher elevations. The latter are much heavier but more comfortable since the steel is more flexible than aluminum, so they are more suitable for long-distance, relaxing bike journeys that require the transport of luggage from medium to very heavy. The mountain bikes have an ultralight aluminum frame and a suspension fork with lever for locking to the handlebar.

About Us

The “Ciclabili Siciliane” brand was created in Sicily by two different organizations that have been collaborating since 2017 for the promotion of cycling as a fundamental form of tourism for the development of inland areas: the Sicilian Cycling Association and the Palermo Inspiring Tours tour operator.

The Associazione Ciclabili Siciliane no-profit organization deals with non-profit activities, especially in the creation and promotion of cycling routes and routes through the mapping and exploration of the territory. It actively collaborates with other associations and public bodies that have the same social goals.

Inspiring Tours is the tour operator specialized in cycling and walking, with a regular license issued by the Tourism Department of the Sicily Region, it can still operate all over the world. Through its support it can guarantee its cyclists and walkers all the safety and assistance that only a company founded by cyclists can provide.