To rest after a long day pedaling through villages and woods, on white or paved roads, you need a bike friendly accommodation facility that has an eye on cyclists. A bike hotel selected by Ciclabili Siciliane is a place to rest and relax in comfort with the peace of mind that your bike is safe in a protected place.
Umbria bike hotels in umbria
below is the map of bike friendly accommodations in Umbria

Why a
Bike Hotel in Umbria?

When traveling by bicycle, whether it is a slow-paced relaxing trip or a fast-paced bike adventure, all a cyclist wants after a long day in the saddle is to relax in a facility where the managers and staff don't they feel discomfort for dusty bikes or clothes worn during a day of cycling in the sun. Therefore the cycling tourist, at the same price, prefers a bike friendly structure rather than one that is not ready to welcome him.

What's a
Bike Hotel ?

These are the characteristics that the accommodation facilities selected by Sicilian Cyclables possess and are useful for cyclists looking for a structure in which to rest after a day riding a bicycle. Some features are essential, others ancillary. In most cases the structures we have selected have all the features. A bike friendly structure or simply a bike hotel, it is a structure that has decided to welcome cyclists by providing them with the classic accommodation and catering services, including some extra services reserved for those traveling by bike. Usually the basic services for cyclists are a place to wash and spread clothes used for cycling, a safe shelter for the bike, some tools for maintenance and a hearty breakfast.

Secure Bike Lockup
Bicycle Rental
Close to Train Station
Bicycle Tools
Suitable for Groups
Suitable for Mountain Bikes
Suitable for Road Bikes
Close to Shops


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