Cycling tour of Favignana, Sicily

biking tour Favignana - Sicily

Cycling tour of Favignana, Sicily

the most bike-friendly island in the Mediterranean

A few nautical miles from Trapani, in the archipelago of the Egadi Islands, is Favignana, the “butterfly of the Mediterranean”, the most cycling island of all. With over 10,000 bicycles a year, both traditional and pedal assisted, this minor island is the most bike friendly in the whole Mediterranean. Just take the ferry from Trapani, circumnavigate Favignana by bike and witness a true spectacle of nature among pristine beaches and places of barren and wild nature.

Biking in Favignana

To reach the island of Favignana by bicycle, it is necessary to take the ferry as it is not possible to take cycles on the hydrofoil. The ferries to Favignana leave from the port of Trapani and are very comfortable. Unlike the hydrofoil, where it is forbidden to leave your seat during the crossing, on the ferry you can move around, go on deck to look at the sea, sit at the bar, chat and take pictures. With a view to a slow cycling holiday, this is the best option. Better to take your time and enjoy the ride. Once landed you can visit the village which is very well maintained and equipped with all services, or leave immediately to go around Favignana by bike and leave the village for the evening. Whether you decide to spend just one day in Favignana or to spend several days, cycling around the entire perimeter of Favignana is the best choice because you can visit places that would otherwise be impossible to visit.

Although reaching Favignana means leaving the main island of Sicily, it’s always a good idea to carve out a day or two to cycle around Favignana and see some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in the Mediterranean. If you are on the Circumnavigation of Sicily by bicycle, once you have arrived in Trapani, you can take the ferry and visit Favignana by bicycle. The shipping companies that deal with this line are different and have very similar prices. If you decide to go back and forth in the day, it’s best to keep an eye on the clock so as not to risk missing the return ship.

Bine rental in Sicily

Biciclette a Favignana - Noleggio


Cycle travelers are well aware that carrying a bicycle on an airplane can be very risky. The dangers are different and range from irreparable damage to the bike up to its total loss. Either way, the result is a ruined cycling holiday. To avoid the risk of ruining your holidays, the best solution is to rent a bicycle in Favignana. This allows you to choose the type of bike you prefer based on the tour of Favignana you want to do and to have a replacement bike or complete mechanical assistance in case of bicycle problems.

Cycling TOur in Sicily

Tour in bici a Favignana

Do you want to take a bike tour in Favignana?

The butterfly of the Mediterranean, Favignana, is the most bike-friendly island in the whole Mediterranean. There are several options for taking a bike tour in Favignana: you can choose the traditional touring bike, a racing bike, a gravel bike, a mountain bike or an electric pedal assisted bike. Depending on the type of bike you prefer to use, you have to carefully choose the tour of Favignana you want to do because you can also come across very demanding trails that are not suitable for all types of bicycles. Check our tours and see if Favignana bike tours are scheduled.

The Gps Track of the cycling tour in Favignana

In this section we have included two different tours since one can only be done on a mountain bike while the other can be done with any other type of bicycle. We have tried to put two tours that touch all the most important points of the island. The mountain bike one has a rather high level of commitment, the “tourist cycle” one, on the other hand, can be covered by any cyclist even with a medium-low level of athletic and technical preparation.

Mountain biking Tour of Favignana

The suggested itinerary that we publish on this page revolves around Bagheria as a point of departure and arrival. There are, however, many possibilities of variation on this cycling itinerary according to one’s preferences. Bagheria remains, however, the fulcrum of the whole itinerary. To see in the city there are all the most famous villas among which the Villa of Palagonia also known as Villa dei Mostri stands out. This villa, also told by Goethe during his journey, is characterized by some monstrous sculptures and original and disturbing architectural inventions. The main street, Corso Umberto, is a pedestrian area where the most important shops of the city, sandwich shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors and bars are located. For the rest, just rent a bike in Bagheria and indulge yourself in exploring its historic center made up of alleys and churches.

Cycling tour of Favignana

This small seaside village is a fraction of Bagheria and can be reached after a few kilometers downhill on an unlikely bumpy cycle path. The small fishermen’s houses, today mainly occupied by holidaymakers, are located in front of the small port from which the fishermen’s boats leave every morning to sell their catch on steel counters in the late morning. The most important bars and restaurants of the village are all located around the marina and often cook fresh fish and dishes related to the sea. If you decide to spend a few days in and around Bagheria, Aspra can be an excellent alternative to Bagheria since it is quieter and has a bathing beach from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Gulf of Palermo. In the case of a bike rental in Aspra, you can decide for any type of bike also given the good quality of the asphalt. Like Bagheria, Aspra is also crossed by the Circumnavigation of Sicily by bicycle.

Mountain bike tour of Favignana
Gravel bike road in Favignana
Bar for cyclists in Favignana
gravel biking in Favignana

What is the best bicycle for a biking tour in Favigana?

As we have already explained in the two previous sections of this site, Favignana can be covered with all types of bikes but you have to choose the itinerary very carefully so as not to risk turning a day of fun into a real ordeal. in any case, you will discover that Favignana is truly a cycling island and that there are thousands of bicycles always on the move, also because there are relatively few cars since those who usually visit Favignana do so on foot or by bike.

Gravel biking in Favignana

Favignana has many dirt and white roads that can be safely covered on gravel. This type of bicycle, in fact, is the second best choice after the mountain bike since it allows you to cover substantially any type of itinerary with a mixed road surface. On asphalt, the gravel bike allows you to maintain speed and comfort that are certainly superior to the mtb. If you decide to rent a gravel bike on Favignana, however, the choice must fall on a bike with at least 35mm tires and the possibility of putting a bikepacking bag or a pannier on a luggage rack. Cycling on Favignana, in fact, means bringing slippers and a beach towel with you to take a dip at any time.

gravel biking in Favignana

Mountain biking in Favignana

The queen of Favignana by bicycle is undoubtedly the mountain bike, normal or electric with pedal assistance. With this type of bicycle, in fact, it is possible to make the complete circumnavigation of Favignana and have fun on the thousand single tracks that the island offers. If the mtb is a full one even better but a front (hardtail) is more than enough. In some sections it will still be necessary to push due to the slope but that’s okay. Pedaling on a single track a stone’s throw from the sea is priceless. Should you decide to rent one of our mountain bikes in Favignana, you can choose one with the luggage rack included which will allow you to bring everything you need for your bike ride with you but also everything you need for swimming. Favignana is above all sea!

mountain bike tour in Favignana - Sicily

Road bike in Favignana

Although the racing bike is not exactly the best means of transport for exploring Favignana by bicycle, on more than one occasion we have come across cyclists walking around the island with their racing bikes. This is because it is possible to go around Favignana on a racing bike while staying on the asphalt. Definitely, it’s better to choose a racing or endurance bike with tires of at least 28 mm to have a little more comfort and a greater capacity to absorb vibrations. If you are looking for a bike rental in Favignana that has these characteristics, you can see among our bicycles the Trek Domane AL5 which is an endurance bicycle with 28 mm puncture-proof tires and has the possibility of mounting a luggage rack where you can put the bags to carry everything with you necessary for bathing.

Touring bike in Favignana

Cycling tourism in Favignana is a phenomenon that has already existed for several years and is increasing dramatically. Many cycle tourists, in order to always have the situation under control and be able to tackle any type of terrain, prefer to use a hybrid travel bike (or touring bike) which has the characteristics of comfort and sturdiness necessary to guarantee maximum safety on any occasion. Our Trek Dual Sport 2 with Ortlieb luggage rack and bags are the best solution for bike rental in Favignana if you are looking for a travel bike. Comfortable, robust, fast and with a relaxed position, its suspension fork allows you to pedal without perceiving the roughness of the bumpy or dirt road.

E-bike in Favignana

Many cyclists, even for a single day’s ride, prefer the e-bike, i.e. an electric bicycle with pedal assistance. This allows you to tackle the toughest climbs even if you don’t have a good level of training. It’s not a matter of taking shortcuts and using the engine because you’re lazy. The e-bike can be a question of need, if you can no longer face certain itineraries, or a philosophy, the electric bike, in fact, is also quite fun. Everyone uses the bike they want to go around Favignana by bike, there are those who prefer the e-bike. If you want to rent a pedal assisted e-bike in Favignana, you can choose one of our Scott E-ride 920 as in the photo, or one of our Trek Sportfly 4 Sport Equipped. The important thing is having fun!

e-bike tour in Favignana

Can I ask for further information on the itineraries and bike rental on Favignana?

Ciclabili Siciliane is a brand that represents a sports association that promotes the area free of charge by bicycle but also a tour operator capable of providing any cycle tourism service in Sicily but also in Tuscany and Umbria. If you have a specific request for us, write to our email or call the number at the bottom of this page and don’t be afraid to ask. We transform Sicily into a cycling destination of excellence.

Have a nice trip to Sicily!

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