Mondello by bike

Biking in Mondello

Mondello by bike

a cycling tour in Mondello, along white sandy beaches with palm trees

Mondello is the most famous beach in Palermo. With its tree-lined avenues, the seafront with restaurants and ice cream parlors, pedestrian areas and the Capo Gallo reserve, Mondello is a perfect destination for cycling holidays, especially in late spring and autumn when temperatures are mild and not There’s a lot of people. Racing bikes and touring bikes are the perfect solution for a bike tour in Mondello, but gravel and mountain bikes are no less, given the proximity to the Parco della Favorita, its single tracks and dirt roads and the Monte Pellegrino, a real playground for mountain bikers.

biking tour mondello

The seaside village of Mondello is located a few kilometers from Palermo and reaching it is very simple thanks to the cycle path that crosses the Favorita park. If you want to reach Mondello by racing bike, touring bike or city bike, the advice is obviously to follow the cycle path but if you have a gravel or mountain bike, it is better to take the dirt road that runs along the road asphalted. The terrain is compact and, if you want to venture along the single track on the slopes of Monte Pellegrino, you will be able to witness an unforgettable show. The trace of red earth between the vegetation and a privileged point of view over the whole gulf of Mondello.

Biking Tour Mondello

Sebbene il borgo di Mondello e le sue spiagge possano essere piuttosto affollate nei mesi estivi, durante gli altri mesi è possibile godersi il paesino e le sue attrazioni in tutta tranquillità e con un clima mite. Quindi, se non si ama la folla, meglio scegliere questi periodi. Inoltre, prenotando in periodi lontani dall’alta stagione, è possibile risparmiare molti soldi. Ovviamente, alche strutture ricettive potrebbero essere chiuse.

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Organizing a bike trip isn’t always easy, especially if you think about the logistical complications of transporting the bike from your city to the chosen place for cycling holidays. Mondello is no exception, given that to transport the bicycle to this seaside village, it is necessary to load it on the plane to Palermo and then reach your B&B. During transport by plane, the bike can be seriously damaged and become unusable with consequent interruption of the bike trip. Renting a bike in Mondello is the best solution to avoid these risks.

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Do you want to take a bike tour in Mondello?

A very romantic seaside village, golden beaches, restaurants that cook fresh fish, the Capo Gallo reserve, clubs serving cocktails and aperitifs just a stone’s throw from the sea. Mondello is the ideal destination for a cycling holiday. When you stay in Mondello, you can take a bike tour with us. If you are a road cyclist, we have for you the carbon Trek Emonda SL 5 or the carbon aluminum Trek Domane AL 5; if instead you are a mountain biker we can give you the Specialized Rockhopper PRO; if, on the other hand, you like to win easy, you can take our tour on an electric bike, with our Trek Powerfly 4 Sport. The choice is yours!

The Gps track of the mondello bike tour

There are several ways to explore Mondello by bike. In this section we have proposed one of the many possible tours of Mondello and its surroundings. In particular, we have included the Parco della Favorita, Mondello and the Capo Gallo reserve in the tour. There are two tracks because one is for mountain bikes and the other for all other types of cycling.

Mountain bike tour in Mondello

The mountain bike tour from Palermo to Mondello is not really a very complex trail since, in any case, you are coming out of a large, very populous city. However, the sections of dirt road that you travel on, immediately after the Stadio delle Palme, are very enjoyable and immersed in the wild nature of the Parco della Favorita. This urban park is very large and inside there are very extensive mandarin groves. In the winter season, these little trees are overloaded with tangerines and it is possible to take nice breaks with a healthy, good and fragrant snack. When cycling in the Favorita Park in the summer, there are no mandarins but you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and beautiful countryside.

Touring and road bike tour in Mondello

Palermo is a big city and you have to be careful of the traffic. In the Google map below, we have indicated the cycle paths and some of the main points of interest. Enjoy this walk and take advantage of it for a stop in Mondello to enjoy a good fish-based lunch or local street food. From April to late October it is possible to swim in the sea, in some cases even in December or January.

Fishing boats in Mondello
Crystal clear sea in Mondello
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Road biking Mondello
Mountain bike tour in Mondello
mountain biking in Mondello

What is the best bike for a cycling tour in Mondello and its surroundings?

In the two previous sections we explained how to reach Mondello from Palermo is really very simple. Furthermore, it is possible to do it with any type of bicycle. If you use a bike other than a mountain bike, you can take the cycle path. Between Mondello and Palermo, in fact, there is the Favorita urban park which is characterized by the presence of a dense network of dirt roads, both single tracks and wide dirt roads, and two wide tree-lined asphalt avenues that run in both directions. In this case, there’s a convenient bike path bordered by reflective cat’s eyes.

Biking in Mondello

Gravel Biking in Mondello

The dirt roads and single tracks of the Parco della Favorita are perfect for a nice ride on a gravel bike while in the seaside village of Mondello, unfortunately, there are no dirt roads but only paved ones. If you decide to continue to the lighthouse of Capo Gallo, however, you will travel a few hundred meters of dirt road. As all of us cycle travelers know, however, the gravel bike is still the best way to cross any type of road surface. If you are looking for a gravel bike to rent in Mondello or Palermo, you can click the button on this page which contains the link to our bike rental in Palermo.

Mountain biking in Mondello

mountain bike a Mondello

As for the mountain bike, the same is true for the gravel bike. In fact, to reach Mondello by mtb, you have to cross the Favorita park with its dirt roads and single tracks. An interesting variant could be to climb Monte Pellegrino and also go around its paths. Once you get off Monte Pellegrino again, you can continue to Mondello and the Capo Gallo reserve. Another interesting variant may be to climb Monte Gallo, up to the Bourbon lighthouse, now embellished by some

Road Biking in Mondello

bici da corsa a Mondello

Mondello, the viali della Favorita and Monte Pellegrino are a perfect cycling system for those who love racing bikes. In fact, every day, hundreds of cyclists travel these roads to train and try to conquer a new KOM or a few more kudos. If you are on holiday in Palermo or Mondello and want to rent a racing bike, you can contact our rental office, which you can find in the menu at the top or in the button on this page, and rent a racing bike in Mondello, the available models they are the Trek Domane AL 5 with aluminum frame and carbon fork, complete 105 groupset with caliper brakes, or the Trek Emonda SL 5 in carbon with 105 groupset and hydraulic brakes.

touring bicycle Mondello

bici da viaggio a Mondello

Palermo, Mondello and Monte Pellegrino are cycling destinations full of history, famous monuments and anecdotes to tell. With a travel bike, or hybrid, or trekking bike, you can explore any corner of Mondello and its surroundings, on any type of road surface. For the rental of a travel bike in Mondello, you can choose the queen among these bikes, that is, the Trek Dual Sport 2 with Acera groupset and hydraulic brakes. The combination of this bike with the famous Ortlieb travel bags allows you to travel in peace and have fun.

E-bike in Mondello

The e-bike, or pedal assisted bicycle, or simply electric bicycle, is a type of bike that is spreading more and more rapidly. The advantage of this type of bicycle is that it allows you to use a motor and a battery to extend your pedaling capacity and the possibility of climbing even important elevations. An electric bike tour in Mondello is particularly relaxing since you can take advantage of the electric traction to climb Monte Pellegrino and enjoy the view from above. If you want to try an e-bike in Mondello you can contact our electric bike rental and receive it directly in Mondello, or pick it up in Palermo and cycle through the Parco della Favorita.

Can I ask for further information on the itineraries and bike rental in Mondello?

Certain! You can ask us all the questions you want by contacting us on your mobile phone, via whatsapp or by sending an email to our address. If you want to visit us you can do it at our headquarters in via Divisi in Palermo. Ciclabili Siciliane is always ready to give information and indications that can promote cycling tourism in Sicily.

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