Sciacca by bike

Sciacca by bike

a cycling tour in Sciacca within the mountains and the crystal clear sea

Nestled between Mount Kronio and a sea of ​​a thousand shades of green and blue, Sciacca is a cycling destination whose fame is growing faster and faster. Arrival point of stage 6 and departure of stage 7 of the Circumnavigation of Sicily, an important hub for the SIBIT cycle path and the Via Francigena Mazarense, this city with a thousand-year history is a true superstar of cycling tourism in Sicily. Perfect for any type of bike, a myriad of sporting or relaxing cycling itineraries start from its centre.

Biking in Sciacca

It is not very easy to decide what kind of cycle tourism to do in Sciacca. The quiet streets that start from its center and go inland are perfect for cycling on racing bikes, continuous ups and downs in a landscape dotted with small villages and wheat fields. If, on the other hand, you prefer gravel or mountain biking, there is no shortage of country dirt roads and forest roads. For those who, on the other hand, prefer relaxing cycle tourism or with an electric bike, there are the tracks of the Periplus of Sicily and the SIBIT cycle path. All that remains is to choose whether you want to pedal in relaxation or do a few more climbs, cycling tourism in Sciacca is also beautiful for this, you can take a week’s holiday and choose a different itinerary per day.

Bike Rental in Sciacca

Looking for a bike to hire in Sciacca?

To organize a cycling holiday in Sciacca you need everything to go smoothly and there are no setbacks. Damage caused by air transport by bicycle is quite frequent, so you might think about renting a bike directly in Sciacca. Our agency rents gravel bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes and electric bikes in any city or village in Sicily so just choose the bike you prefer, the accessories and request delivery and collection where you prefer, including Sciacca.

Biking Tour in Sciacca

Are you planning to do a cycling tour of Sciacca?

Sciacca is a cycling destination that is becoming increasingly popular. You can decide to take a nice bike excursion in the city, reach Caltabellotta or cover the stages of the Periplus of Sicily by bicycle, the SIBIT Cycle Path or the Via Francigena Mazarense, arriving and departing from Sciacca. If you don’t know Sciacca and its surroundings and want to go cycling in the area, you can take a look at our tours and choose the one you prefer. We are the number one tour operator for cycle tourism in Sicily.

Bike hotels in Sciacca

Colibrì B&B

If you are passing by bike in Sciacca or if you have decided to spend a few days in this cycling destination, you definitely need a place to relax after a long ride. However, you don’t need just any place: you are a cyclist and what you need is a bike hotel. A place where the managers have decided to offer services dedicated to cyclists. This is a bike hotel in Sciacca that we have selected for you.

cycling in Sciacca and its sourroundings

The Sciacca area seems made especially for cycle tourism: quiet streets overlooking the sea, the mountains with forest roads, never-ending monuments and a welcoming and kind people. Yes, but where do we go by bike in Sciacca? Here are some suggestions for bike tours in Sciacca, but first let’s take stock of the Situation. Sciacca is a stage or hub of some of the most famous itineraries in Sicily, in particular they pass through Sciacca:

You are spoiled for choice, it’s up to you to decide which challenge to take up, put your bottom on the saddle and start pedaling.


This proposal for cycle tourism in Sciacca envisages covering the 48 kilometers of stage 6 of the tour of Sicily by bike from Selinunte to Sciacca. Along this itinerary it is possible to see crazy places such as the archaeological park of Selinunte, among the largest in Europe, the seaside area of ​​Porto Palo and the beautiful cycle path of Menfi. This stage is suitable for all cyclists, of all fitness levels and with any type of bike. A real sweep. For more information you can visit the official page of stage 6 of the grand cycling tour of Sicily.


Stage 7 of the Circumnavigation of Sicily by bicycle includes an itinerary of 72 kilometres, of average difficulty, from Sciacca to Agrigento. This bike route in Sciacca has several climbs which can discourage less trained cyclists. In reality, the landscape, varied and always interesting, makes pedaling more fluid and helps you forget the fatigue. The only problem? We stop all the time to take a million photographs. To see the track of this stage of the tour of Sicily, you can visit the official page of this stage of the tour of Sicily.

cYCLING lOOP Sciacca - Caltabellotta

This bike route in Sciacca is quite demanding and is most likely especially recommended for those with a good level of training or an electric bike. The track runs along roads with little traffic from a regular to moderately damaged road surface so you must always pay close attention.


In the previous sections we have explained that there is no perfect bike for Sciacca simply because all bikes are good for cycle touring in Sciacca. Its territory, in fact, is so heterogeneous and varied as to be suitable for any type of cycle tourism. In fact, the presence of various cycle touring itineraries such as the Periplus of Sicily by bicycle or the SIBIT cycle path or routes suitable for mountain bikes such as the Via Francigena Mazarense, allow you to always find something to do by bike in Sciacca, even for bikers more demanding.

gravel biking Sciacca

The country lanes, unpaved and quiet, the old abandoned railways, the typical plants of the Mediterranean maquis, the beauty of the landscape, the sea and good food. What more could you ask for? A gravel trip to Sciacca is all of this. If you are looking for a gravel bike to rent in Sciacca you can take a look at our rental bikes and see if there is something you like.

Mountain biking Sciacca

From Monte Kronio to the nearby Sicani mountains, Sciacca seems like a paradise for mountain bikers. There are trails for XC but also quite demanding trails for downhill or enduro. There is plenty of choice. If you are looking for a mtb in Sciacca, you can see among our mountain bikes for hire in Sciacca.

Road biking Sciacca

Sciacca overlooks the sea directly, this is true, but what about the mountains behind it? And the kilometers and kilometers of provincial and state roads, practically deserted, which create the dense network that surrounds it and which allows you to reach some of the most beautiful villages in Sicily? A true paradise for those who want to get around Sciacca on a racing bike. We can offer you full carbon or carbon aluminum road bikes. The choice is yours.

Touring bike Sciacca

Traveling by bike is not just a trend of the moment: it’s something that has been done since the bicycle existed. There is no specific or magical model of “travel bike” as any bike is fine, just travel. However, some technological devices and some geometries are more suitable than others for bicycle travel. We have selected the best Trek model that allows for an excellent balance between performance and comfort, an eagle with the wings of a seagull, a fast and comfortable bike but also perfect for gliding on the dirt roads of Sicily. The perfect travel bike!

E-bike Sciacca

Traveling by bike means getting tired. We are sure? With a pedal assisted electric bike, you can travel in complete peace of mind, comfortably, with the help of a powerful Bosch motor and luggage racks for bags. Let’s start the engine, give the first pedal stroke and enjoy Sciacca on an e-bike!

Can I ask for further information about the routes and bike rental in Sciacca?

every phone call, every email, every message we receive is a pleasure for us. Our main mission is the promotion of cycling tourism in Sicily. For this we have created an efficient and comfortable system for you to enjoy your cycling holiday. For any information you may need, do not hesitate to contact us, we are cyclists and we are here for all cyclists.

Have a nice ride in Sicily!

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