Termini Imerese – Rosamarina Lake

Here is an idea for a nice day trip if you are staying in the Palermo area. Rosamarina is a barrier lake set between Termini Imerese and Caccamo. It attracts mainly locals who practice water sports and easy mountain biking.

Public transport: Railway station at Termini Imerese. You can easily reach Termini Imerese from Palermo, Bagheria or Cefalù. There are several trains during the day and in the evening and bicycles are allowed on all (regional) trains at an extra cost (currently 3,50 euro for the whole day).

Terrain: On and off-road cycling. First section on urban roads, then climb on a secondary road. The area around the lake is mostly flat and almost car free. The lakeside trail is wide, but uneven and potholed in places. Expect some mud during the winter months.

Difficulty level: medium (climbs on tarmac roads, bumpy gravel/dirt road around the lake)

Bike required: mountain bikes and mountain bike hybrids or gravel bikes are suitable

Description: The lake is set in a scenic valley and the views from the dam towards the Tyrrhenian sea are amazing, especially during the winter or spring. That is when the watergates are open and you can watch the huge waterfalls go down to the San Leonardo River.

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