The Grand Tour of Sicily by Bike

il giro della Sicilia in bicicletta

Sicily grand tour by bike

the grand tour of Sicily by bike is the dream of many cyclists

The world belongs to everyone and the roads are those that run through them. There are no boundaries and no one is master of your free time. By bike, on foot or on horseback, the important thing is to travel! Inspirig Tours is a tour operator specialized in outdoor tourism. It sells different types of tourism products to meet the needs of those who want to travel independently or those who want to travel in an organized way.

Giro di Sicilia
Giro di Sicilia
Giro di Sicilia
Giro di Sicilia
Giro di Sicilia
Giro di Sicilia

Tour around sicily by bike

The Tour of Sicily is a fast tour that takes place on the three main Sicilian roads: the SS113, the SS114, the SS115, on provincial roads and other roads, however all asphalted. The three roads have different characteristics, for this we make a brief description through the words of a cycloviaggiatore who traveled them for a total of 1000 km in 7 days.

Periplo della Sicilia

The SS113 is characterized by ancient watch towers and cliffs overlooking the sea, lush forests and purple or yellow bougainvillea plants, SS113 is a name that does not do it justice, so we love to indicate it as “the way of the Castles and Cliffs “.

The SS114 is more barren, few woods but glimpses of the sea breathtaking. The dry stone walls of the Syracuse and of Ragusa remind us that in these places are set the adventures of Commissioner Montalbano love to call it “the Way of the Baroque”.

The SS115 covers a large part of the Sibit cycle route, the only true Sicilian bicycle route that mainly develops in the southern part of the island. Long distances scarcely anthropized to go all in one breath at crazy speeds, a real playground for cyclists.

Sicily is all cycle and will fascinate you with its beauties and its ancient history!

Giro di Sicilia

It happens at least once in the life of needing to close the accounts with everyone and take a break to put back in order what is confused in life. The Tour of Sicily in racing bike can have a cathartic effect because it allows you to discover if you are able to challenge yourself, if you can resist the fatigue, but above all the desire to give up and stop.

Why should one decide to take the bike and go around Sicily by crossing Palermo, Catania, Messina, Agrigento and all the cities that are on the coast? The reasons may be many but some are not easy to explain despite being clear to those who decide to live this experience by bike.

Sometimes you look for an answer, others ask a question, others try to forget something or try to prove something to someone. Sicily is an island that evokes epic journeys such as the Odyssey. That’s why the Giro della Sicilia by bike is an epic bike trip!

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itinerario cicloturistico il giro della Sicilia in bici

Type of Road and altitude

Il Giro della Sicilia in bici da corsa
State Road
Local Road
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Suggested bike

Road Bike



Fitness Skill

Medium – High


1000 km

Total Gain

6300 mt

Historical Interest



Suitable for E-bikes
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The First Stage

The first stage of the Tour of Sicily in a racing bike involves a journey of 163 km with a total ascent of 2268 meters and develops in the western part of Sicily between the large cities of the coast, salt marshes and archaeological areas. The large and elegant Palermo is the starting point of this bike trip. If you have decided to pick up your bike at the Inspiring Tours bike rental in Palermo you can choose one of the three pick-up points before starting your cycling holiday. To leave the city it is possible to take two roads, one more panoramic that crosses the seaside villages on the west coast of Palermo and the other that crosses some suburban neighborhoods to get directly on the State Road 113. The choice is yours: a first stage of the Tour of Sicily by bike more panoramas or faster? From Palermo to Trapani the itinerary by bike is mainly on the State Road 113 and passes through many of the most famous places in Western Sicily, including the salt marshes of Trapani, Nubia and Marsala. Recommended is a stop in Marsala to cycle the border of the Stagnone. Mazara del Vallo is the city where the itinerary ends and is characterized by an historical and very suggestive Arabian center.

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The Second Stage

The second stage of the Tour of Sicily in a racing bike provides a journey of 112 km with a total ascent of 1892 meters and develops in the southern part of Sicily. It crosses the first part of the SIBIT itinerary, the only true Sicilian cycle path. This stage is not less tiring than the first but also less spectacular. The bike route takes place on roads with few elevations that cross a few inhabited centers. Of particular interest are the Cave di Cusa, near Campobello di Mazara, the center of Sciacca, a charming town on the coast, Ribera modern “city of oranges”, Siculiana a beautiful medieval village, a stage of passage of the Francigena Mazarense by bike, the Scala dei Turchi near Realmonte and finally Agrigento, queen of the archaeological areas of Sicily. In all cities, whether they are a stop or not, it is possible to return the rental bike. In Agrigento it is obviously very interesting to visit the archaeological site of the Valley of the Temples.

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The Third Stage

The third stage of the Tour of Sicily in a racing bike involves a distance of 116 km with a total ascent of 1456 meters and continues in the south of the island still along the SIBIT cycle path. This stage is also difficult but also not very spectacular. However, added value is given by the proximity of the sea at different points on the bike stage. After leaving Agrigento, you cycle on very smooth roads and not particularly busy, with the exception of the SS115 that in some places takes the appearance of a fast gliding with two lanes and four lanes where you can accelerate a lot but you live with a traffic growing.

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The Fourth Stage

The fourth stage of the Tour of Sicily in a racing bike involves a distance of 122 km with a total ascent of 2268 meters. This stage is more demanding than the previous two but also more spectacular. Already from the first rides, after passing Comiso you start to climb up to 600 meters and a breathtaking view of the plain of Ragusa. From now on we will always have Etna in sight up to Messina. The stage is very interesting and sometimes laps the coast. A stop of obligation made Ragusa Ibla and subsequently to Syracuse. Priolo Gargallo is not a place of interest but the accommodation facilities we found had a good quality price ratio.

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The Fifth Stage

The fifth stage of the Tour of Sicily in a racing bike involves a distance of 185 km with a total ascent of 2647 meters. This stage covers the entire coast of the Cyclops and passes through centers of absolute touristic and historical interest such as Catania, Acireale, Acitrezza, Taormina and finally Messina. The itinerary by bike is fun, interesting and it is possible to keep one eye on Etna and the other on the sea. Really a walk for those who want an unforgettable bike adventure. Unfortunately, in some places the road can be a little busy but just use the due care, always make yourself very visible and spin like the wind.

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The Sixth Stage

The sixth stage of the Tour of Sicily in a racing bike involves a distance of 94 km with a total ascent of 2230 meters. This stage is not moderately demanding because it is a continuous rise. Some of the destinations that we cross by bike are really interesting, starting from Capo Milazzo, one of the most interesting views of the entire trip by bike. A spit of rock projected towards the open sea, an unforgettable sight. Other centers are very interesting to cross by bike: Capo d’Orlando, Tindari, Gioiosa Marea, San Giorgio.

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The Seventh Stage

The seventh and final stage of the Giro della Sicilia by bike involves a distance of 148 km with a total ascent of 2528 meters. Challenging, spectacular and fun. There are no other adjectives for the bike route that will take us to the end of this extraordinary bike adventure in Sicily.

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