16 Years on a Bike: Pablo’s 167.000 Kilometers Around the Globe

“I remember that in 2001 I took a plane to Africa with the intention to cycle around the world for 30 months. How naive I was!!! I was afraid and worried about how to earn the money that I’d need for living and I was worried about the diseases I could contract along the way and also worried about feeling lonely. Until I realized that your passion is the best tool you got to make your dreams come true, because the vibes are much stronger and it is a powerful machine that puts you forward. Here you can see the photos of glorious my return: see the happiness in my face. This is for all the people who have a dream and believe that it can come true!”

These are the words of Pablo Hernàn Garcia, a bicycle traveller of 44 years of age, who finished his bike travel he started in 2011 on the 29th of october 2017 after 167.000 kilometres across 106 countries using three bikes.

From South Africa to Egypt, then two years and a half around Europe, four years in Asia and then Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Alaska. An incredible journey that was meant to last only two but instead lasted 14 more years thanks to the support of his sponsors.

Central America was the last stage of Pablo’s cycling journey that ended on the 29th of October 2017 on the Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires, with the participation of around sixty cyclists. Pablo Garcia’s documentary about his travel “Pedalando en el Globo” can be bought on www.pedalandoenelglobo.com

Upon arrival, during an interview, Pablo said that no dream is impossible, so grab your bikes and start your ride!

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