Biking Bagheria, Sicily

Biking Bagheria, Sicily

a biking tour in the town of villas, among the seaside villages and the woods of its territory

Bagheria is the city that the Palermitan nobles had chosen as the place for their summer residences. The healthy air, its immense citrus groves and the proximity to the sea, made it the perfect place to spend the warmer months enjoying the breeze that refreshes the air on summer evenings. Bagheria has a very extensive and heterogeneous territory. From the sea of ​​Aspra, one of its hamlets, you can range up to the woods on Mount Catalfano or the small dirt roads that cross the mandarin and lemon groves of which it is rich. The best way to explore Bagheria by bike is with a gravel bike but if you decide to climb Mount Catalfano and tackle its trails, a mountain bike is the best solution.

Cycling Bagheria

Bagheria is located a few kilometers from Palermo along one of the most famous state roads in Sicily, the SS113. This state road, also called Northern Sicula, took the place of the ancient Via Valeria, a Roman consular road that no longer exists. The SS113, although moderately busy, offers extraordinary views and allows you to travel along the entire northern coast of Sicily. It is certainly not a cycle path but it is traveled every day by thousands of cyclists who use it for training or for a bike ride. Cycling tourism in Bagheria is not widespread but is growing steadily, also thanks to various agencies specialized in organizing tours and excursions and in bike rental in Bagheria as in many other Sicilian cities. Renting a bicycle is often the best solution since transporting a bicycle on an airplane or ship is not always easy and can be the cause of damage or breakdowns to the bicycle which make it impossible to continue with the holiday. If you are looking for a bike to rent in Bagheria you could take a look at ours.

There are several cycling itineraries and bike tours that pass through Bagheria, for example the Circumnavigation of Sicily by bike crosses Bagheria in its last stage, the one from Cefalù to Palermo, while the Via Francigena delle Montagne by mountain bike passes through Bagheria in its first step. As you can see, there are several itineraries that pass through this beautiful city and many day trips are possible along its coasts and the mountains that surround it.

Bike Hire in Sicily

bike hire Bagheria

Are you looking for a bike rental in Bagheria?

Transporting a bicycle by plane is always a risky operation given that, although the airlines may be careful in preparing it, it can happen that an operator is not particularly careful in handling the packed bicycle and could break one of the more delicate parts such as the dropout or rear derailleur. This results, in most cases, in a ruined cycling holiday. Better to go to a professional bike rental agency with the right credentials. Ciclabili Siciliane is the number one agency for bike rental in Sicily so if you have decided to rent a bike in Bagheria we can take care of it. Choose the bike you want to rent and we’ll deliver it to you throughout Sicily, including Bagheria.

Biking tour in Sicily

Do you want to take a bike tour in bagheria?

Sicily is a cycling destination with a growing reputation. Bagheria is no exception. Its famous villas, seaside villages, the alleys of the historic center, the typical trattorias. A bike tour in and around Bagheria is a truly complete experience. In the morning, leave the historic centre, visit the most famous villas and the Guttuso art gallery, then climb Monte Catalfano and pedal through its verdant woods with a view of the sea, go down to the valley and visit the seaside villages along the coast, on the way on the way back you visit the archaeological area of ​​Solunto, take a dip at sunset in Aspra and then in the evening eat a warm “muffoletta” with ricotta and pecorino. Do you like the idea? Well, check if among our bike tours in Sicily there is one scheduled in Bagheria or contact us for a request.

The Free GPX Track of Bagheria Cycling Tour

Here you will find the track for your bike ride in Bagheria. Obviously, this is just a suggestion, every year we modify the itinerary adding new attractions according to the season and the availability of places. So, if you want updates or want to take the tour, don’t hesitate to contact us for bike rental in Bagheria or for a guided bike tour.

Bagheria by bike

The suggested itinerary that we publish on this page revolves around Bagheria as a point of departure and arrival. There are, however, many possibilities of variation on this cycling itinerary according to one’s preferences. Bagheria remains, however, the fulcrum of the whole itinerary. To see in the city there are all the most famous villas among which the Villa of Palagonia also known as Villa dei Mostri stands out. This villa, also told by Goethe during his journey, is characterized by some monstrous sculptures and original and disturbing architectural inventions. The main street, Corso Umberto, is a pedestrian area where the most important shops of the city, sandwich shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors and bars are located. For the rest, just rent a bike in Bagheria and indulge yourself in exploring its historic center made up of alleys and churches.

Aspra by bike

This small seaside village is a fraction of Bagheria and can be reached after a few kilometers downhill on an unlikely bumpy cycle path. The small fishermen’s houses, today mainly occupied by holidaymakers, are located in front of the small port from which the fishermen’s boats leave every morning to sell their catch on steel counters in the late morning. The most important bars and restaurants of the village are all located around the marina and often cook fresh fish and dishes related to the sea. If you decide to spend a few days in and around Bagheria, Aspra can be an excellent alternative to Bagheria since it is quieter and has a bathing beach from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Gulf of Palermo. In the case of a bike rental in Aspra, you can decide for any type of bike also given the good quality of the asphalt. Like Bagheria, Aspra is also crossed by the Circumnavigation of Sicily by bicycle.

Monte Catalfano by bike

With its abandoned quarries, forest roads, single tracks and woods, Monte Catalfano is an unmissable cycling destination for those who decide to stop in Bagheria and its surroundings. Obviously, the best bike for exploring this mountain is a mountain bike. For example, you could decide for the Specialized Rockhopper Pro, which is a muscle-powered bike, or the Trek Powerfly 4 Sport which is a pedal-assisted electric bike. Both types of bikes are available in different frame sizes and are available in the Bagheria bike rental section of this page. Climbing Monte Catalfano by bicycle is quite demanding but offers incredible views, especially from the trigonometric point where it is possible to observe both the Gulf of Palermo and that of Termini Imerese.

What is the best bicycle for touring Bagheria and its surroundings?

The bike tour of Bagheria and its surroundings mainly develops on paved roads but some sections are on white roads and dirt roads. Furthermore, the asphalt conditions may not always be optimal, so it is better to choose an “all-rounder” bicycle that has at least 35 mm tires with at least a little grooved tread. The ideal is a gravel bike or a travel hybrid but a mountain bike can also be fine. Given the demanding climbs of some stretches, you can opt for an electric pedal-assisted e-bike.

Gravel biking in Bagheria

Bagheria is located a few kilometers from Palermo but seems like another planet compared to the big city. This is because, despite being a town of over 50,000 inhabitants, a dense network of rural roads, dirt roads and dirt roads, give it the appearance of a country village that does not actually belong to it. Bagheria, in fact, is a very elegant town with tree-lined avenues and avenues with important shops and the famous noble villas that show off beautiful statues and opulent Baroque facades. The surroundings of Bagheria are excellent for a gravel itinerary, also and above all on the coast. If you are looking for a gravel bike to hire in Bagheria, you can find the appropriate button on this page to request a quote.

Mountain biking in bagheria

The mountain bike is the bicycle that can reach any destination, even those in the most inaccessible places. A few kilometers from Bagheria is Monte Catalfano which is not a particularly high mountain, given that its summit is 376 meters above sea level, but it has a series of paths and forest roads much appreciated by the mountain bikers of Bagheria and Palermo. In addition to this mountain, there are a number of other mountains, such as Pizzo Cane, which are located a few kilometers from Bagheria and which are truly a paradise for mountain bikers. If you want to avoid putting your mtb in danger by transporting it by plane or want to try a different one from yours, you can think of mountain bike rental in Bagheria with delivery and collection anywhere in the city.

Road biking in Bagheria

The road system of Bagheria is characterized by roads of all types: from country lanes to state roads such as the SS113 Northern Sicula. Obviously, for road bike touring it is necessary that the roads are of good quality with an asphalt that is as smooth as possible. However, the new racing bikes, especially the endurance ones, have an excellent capacity to absorb vibrations due to poor quality asphalt. This means that it is possible to ride a racing bike around Bagheria and do training or racing bike tours in and around Bagheria. If you want to rent a racing bike in Bagheria, you can receive it directly at your b&b or holiday home.

Touring bike bagheria

As a crossing point of the Circumnavigation of Sicily by bicycle, Bagheria is also becoming an important cycling destination for those traveling by hybrid bike or touring bike. These bikes usually have a mixed frame between a touring bike and a mountain bike. This type of geometry allows you to tackle any type of itinerary, even the most demanding, in relaxation and safety. The transmission, in fact, is a hybrid between the racing one and that of a mountain bike and gives its best both on smooth roads with little slope and on slightly unpaved or uphill roads. A real tractor with the engine of a Ferrari. If you choose this type of bicycle for hire in Bagheria, you can click the button in the section above and see the available models.

Bike Hire in Bagheria

E-bike in Bagheria

When one thinks of a bike ride in Sicily, especially when one thinks of tackling important elevations, one prefers to use an electric pedal assisted bicycle. Indeed, this type of bicycle allows you to tackle any route with the peace of mind of the traction of a powerful and reliable engine. And if the bike is a Trek Powerfly 4 Sport with Bosch Performance CX engine and Bosch battery and 2.5-inch wheels, you can really tackle any route, from the most cycling to the most adventurous. To rent an e-bike in Bagheria, simply check the availability of frame sizes and prices by asking for a quote using the bike rental in Bagheria button on this page.

Can I ask for further information on itineraries and bike rental in Bagheria?

Ciclabili Siciliane is a network made up of a tour operator that deals with bike rental and bicycle travel throughout Sicily, therefore also in the places of the tour, and an A.S.D.C. which promotes cycling tourism in a free and continuous way. Do not hesitate to contact us on our telephone number at the bottom of this page and consult our facebook page and instagram profile, which you find below, to stay updated on all our news.

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