Cycling in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily

Cycling in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily

one of the most amazing destinations for your next biking tour in Sicily

A city with a millenary history and a strong tradition in hospitality. A coastal city with a famous fishing port which is one of the highlights of our bike tour along the western coast of Sicily, the Best of the West tour from Palermo to Agrigento that runs along secondary and quiet roads. Choosing a stay in Mazara during your cycling holiday is a great way to discover an ancient, friendly and fascinating Sicily, where time seems to stand still and the food is genuine and tasty, not to mention the great wines.

Biking in Mazara del Vallo

Cycling tourism in Mazara del Vallo and its surroundings is an extraordinary experience, whether you decide to stay in the town, along the coast or inland. The area of Mazara del Vallo is flat and great for road cycling, gravel riding, mountain biking and bicycle touring. The main attraction for off-road cycling near Mazara del Vallo is the Capo Feto Nature Reserve and the coastal road for road cycling with glorious sea views. Get lost in the narrow streets of the old town, also known as the kasbah, with its arabic layout and a labyrinth of cobbled streets and courtyards, beautifully decorated with colourful tiles made by local artisans. To organize a trip to Mazara del Vallo and its surroundings, make sure you gather all the information you need to avoid unpleasant surprises that can spoil your cycling holiday. Below are our answers to some frequently asked questions about cycling in Mazara del Vallo.

biking Sicily - Mazara del Vallo

Are there any cycle paths in Mazara del Vallo?

Mazara del Vallo is certainly not famous for its cycle paths, however, the recently built cycle path on the seaside, next to the small church of San Vito, is a nice spot for relaxed bike tours. The cycle path is short, but who knows, perhaps it will be part of a future network of cycle paths going around the island of Sicily with its 1200km of coastline. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and enjoy wonderful rides along the coast of Mazara del Vallo in the meantime!

The cycle path in Mazara del Vallo includes an area with a skate park, paid public toilets, water fountains and fitness areas. All of them with amazing sea views. 

What is the best bicycle for cycling in Mazara del Vallo?

The area of Mazara del Vallo offers trails and roads for every type of bike. Road cyclists can ride along the coast towards Marsala or towards Selinunte, or inland, towards the archaeological site of Cave di Cusa. A great terrain for mountain bikes and gravel bikes is the Capo Feto Nature Reserve at the outskirts of Mazara del Vallo. The main characteristics of the area are however flat roads and sand dunes along the coast. Accordingly, the best choice for biking tours around Mazara del Vallo is a gravel bike or a hybrid bike with larger tyres.  If you need to rent a bike for  your cycling holiday in Mazara del Vallo or if you wish to book a self-guided cycling holiday, we will be happy to help. Our tour operator rents out high quality bikes from Trek and Specialized with delivery and collection service to Mazara del Vallo. Click the button below to see our bikes.

How is the historic center of mazara del vallo by bike?

Mazara del Vallo is a city with an ancient history of conquests, destructions and reconstructions and more or less violent invasions. All of these past events have contributed to a unique cultural heritage which makes  Mazara del Vallo such a fascinating destination to uncover, with its multi-cultural community and its incredible cuisine. Describing such a complex city is not easy and the best way to discover it is by bike, of course! Mazara is always beautiful but its Kasbah, the Arab quarter, takes on a magical atmosphere especially in the spring and summer evenings and the warm autumn evenings, when the yellow tuff-stone walls return the heat absorbed during the day.

How is the coast north of Mazara del Vallo by bike?

Along the north coast, you can ride across the beautiful dirt roads and sand tracks in the Capo Feto nature reserve and follow the coast until you reach Lido Signorino in Marsala. Endless sea views, sand dunes, WWII pillboxes and the scent of the Med make this bicycle trip one to remember. You ride along the Mediterranean so you can decide at any time to take a refreshing bath, especially during the hottest hours of the day if you travel during the spring and summer. The terrain is mixed and some sections, where there’s more sand on the road, require you to push the bike for a few metres while taking in the views of the Med and the ponds. The Capo Feto reserve is a true gem of Sicilian nature and it is perfect for those who love riding on wild trails. In the center of the reserve there is a small abandoned World War II barrack.

How is the coast south of Mazara del Vallo by bike?

The south coast is more urbanized than the north, but it is equally fascinating since there are some charming seaside villages. Our favourite fishing village is Torretta Granitola with its lovely bay, its small harbour, the ancient watch towers and the lighthouse on the beach. Make sure you stop at one of the seaside cafeterias to take in the atmosphere and enjoy a refreshing granita during the summer. Further south you’ll pass by Tre Fontante, the beach district of the nearby town of Campobello di Mazara, with its long sandy beach and beautifully preserved sand dunes. If you are interested in discovering the areas around Mazara del Vallo by bike, you could book our Best of the West bike tour and make the most of your cycling trip in Sicily. Click on the button below to find out more about our cycling tours in Sicily.

Where can I get more information about cycling holidays in Mazara del Vallo?

We created Ciclabili Siciliane to promote bicycle tourism in Sicily. The brand unites the tour operator Inspiring Tours and the NGO ASDC Ciclabili Siciliane. We’ll be thrilled to have you as a member of our cycling community. Stay in touch and up to date by following us on Facebook or Instagram. For tour or rental enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via email or on the phone at +39 333 1358769.

We wish you great rides in Sicily!

Where can I get more information about the Grand Cycling Tour of Sicily?

The beautiful city of Mazara del Vallo is a very interesting cycling destination on its own, but it is mainly famous for being located along our popular cycling itinerary that goes around the island, the Grand Cycling Tour of Sicily. Mazara del Vallo, in fact, is the arrival city of Stage 4 from Trapani to Mazara del Vallo and the starting point of Stage 5 from Mazara del Vallo to Selinunte by bicycle. Click on the button below to find out more about the Grand Cycling Tour of Sicily.

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