il giro della Sicilia in mountain bike

the grand tour of sicily by mountain bike

Tough climbs, raw gravel roads through yellow corn fields, pleasant charming coastal villages a stone throw from the sea

Tough climbs, raw gravel roads through yellow corn fields

The Mountain Bike Tour of Sicily is mainly developed on secondary roads, dirt roads and trazzere. In some points it intercepts some of the itineraries or paths already present in Sicily. On the other hand the oldest roads are of all and can be traveled on foot or by bike to move in an alternative way from one city to another.


This route is quite challenging but certainly spectacular. GPS tracks are continuously reviewed due to changes in the terrain that make roads no longer viable, or simply because we have found a better alternative for practicability or spectacularity.


The tour can be done both clockwise and anticlockwise and is not currently reported, as soon as we will publish a smartphone app that can show the itinerary and the position of the user to follow the track.

Off Road Adventures in Sicily - Epic Mountain Bike Tour Around the Island

Very often we make the mistake of thinking that Sicily is a flat and simple region to be tackled by bike. In reality, the island has many elevations especially in the central part. The coast line, although it is winding, does not have great elevations, so much so that in the maximum point the 400 meters are not exceeded.


Inside you can pedal up to over 2000 meters of Mount Etna or up to the tops of the numerous mountain ranges that in some cases exceed abundantly the 1700/1800 meters.

However, if the climbs are not consistent, it is not pleasant for the biker to ride. It also happens at least once in the life of needing to close the accounts with everyone and take a break to put back in order what is confused in life. The Giro della Sicilia mountain bike can have a cathartic effect because it allows you to discover if you are able to challenge yourself, if you are able to resist fatigue, but above all the desire to give up and stop.


Why should one decide to take the bike and go around Sicily by cycling some of the most fascinating mountains and countryside on the island? The reasons may be many but some are not easy to explain despite being clear to those who decide to live this experience by bike.


Sometimes you look for an answer, others ask a question, others try to forget something or try to prove something to someone. Sicily is an island that evokes epic journeys such as the Odyssey. That’s why the Giro della Sicilia mountain bike is an epic bike trip!

Historic, passionate, authetic, it’s an island almost as close to Africa as to Europe. Tough climbs, raw gravel roads through yellow corn fields, pleasent charming coastal villages a ston throw from the sea.


Ready to surrender to an island’s allure? Let it be Sicily!

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gpx track of the itinerary

This is the temporary track of the Giro della Sicilia by mountain bike. We will make many changes to it, a second of the viability of some roads in spite of others.


In some points this itinerary is much more famous and certainly more structured. At the moment the itinerary does not have signage and it will be possible to orientate itself with the app that will be published soon. Good road!